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At CFC Andrology Laboratory, we offer complete evaluation and treatment of male infertility.

We perform

❖ Semen Analysis

❖ Intrauterine Insemination with intimate partner or donor sperm

❖ Sperm Cryopreservation –Men of the infertile couple are given appointment for sperm collection. Men are provided separate room with good privacy for semen collection.

❖ All the semen analysis is performed by the qualified embryologist under direct supervision of senior embryologist. We follow WHO 2010 criteria for examination of human semen.

❖ Advanced andrology services such as surgical sperm recovery(TESA/PESA/TESA) are offered a patient who doesn’t have sperm in the seminal fluid.

Procedures Performed:

a) Fertility procedures like

❖ Semen Analysis

❖ Semen Washing

❖ Surgical Sperm Extraction (PESA / TESA / TESE) in Azoospermia Men

❖ Sperm Freezing before IUI,IVF,ICSI, Chemotherapy,ICSI, IVF