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Hands on IVF Training

We aim to offer a highly advanced and globally competitive training in the field of ART. Our centre is renowned for its optically equipped state-of-art equipment’s & mentors, the trainees are trained by Internationally acclaimed embryologists, andrologists, biologists, reproductive endocrinologists and other experts in assisted reproductive techniques. The young aspirants require skill and precision which could be acquired from in depth knowledge and experience we at CFC deem It important that each person is able to practice the techniques under the supervision of an experienced person.All the laboratory techniques are carried out on animal gametes from slaughter house .

Our individualized training program, since its inception in the year Nov 2010, under the name of INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF EMBRYOLOGY has had the satisfaction of training 110 plus national and international candidates. A constant desire for maintaining world class teaching standards,coupled with a motivated team spirit is our schools goal to success.

The Course also includes a one day Chennai City Tour.

CME – Continuous Medical Education

Eligibility Criteria for candidates who would like to join the course:

BSC, MSC or Any other life science background, BVSC, MVSC, MBBS, MD, MRCOG, FRCOG



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Batch Details

Year Batch Date Period
2018 Batch I 01st – 13th January 2 Weeks
2018 Batch II 05th – 19th February 2 Weeks
2018 Batch III 05th – 19thMarch 2 Weeks
2018 Batch IV 16th – 30th April 2 Weeks
2018 Batch V 07th – 21st May 2 Weeks
2018 Batch VI 01st –16th June 2 Weeks
2018 Batch VII 02nd –16th July 2 Weeks
2018 Batch VIII 01st –16th August 2 Weeks
2018 Batch IX 03rd –18th September 2 Weeks
2018 Batch X 03rd –18th October 2 Weeks
2018 Batch XI 12th –27th November 2 Weeks
2018 Batch XII 03rd –17th December 2 Weeks

Course fee

Other nationals Students : Clinical Embryology US$:2000

Other national Doctors : Clinical Embryology + ART Training: US$: 3000

Indian Students : Clinical Embryology RS: 90,000

Indian Doctors : Clinical Embryology + ART Training RS: 1, 30,000

Training In Assisted Reproduction (IVF/ICSI)

Course objectives

This is a specially designed Embryology course offered by International school of Embryology,which aims in providing a one-on-one comprehensive training in the clinical management and laboratory practices of IVF and ICSI.

  • Infertility history taking
  • Pre IVF&ICSI investigations
  • Various ovarian stimulation protocols (COHS)
  • Performing trans vaginal ultrasonography
  • Semen culture
  • Management of OHSS and oocyte retrieval (pick-up)
  • Egg donation
  • Surrogacy

  • Patient examination
  • Patient selection criteria
  • Tailoring protocols as per patient needs
  • Follicular growth monitoring semen analysis
  • Adjuvant drugs used in ART
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer
  • Embryo donation