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Fertility issues among young couples have been a developing pattern everywhere throughout the world. Fertility specialists give various reasons, for example, quick changing urban ways of life with loaded stress, late marriage, and utilization of birth control medication strategies to avoid pregnancy, smoking, and so forth. In any case, the good news for such couples is that with the improvement of advanced medical science in the field of reproductive technology, today fertility specialists can treat infertility issues effectively.

CFC is one of the best fertility centers in India. We have helped many Bangladeshi couples who were suffering from infertility to enjoy the blessings of parenthood. The center offers the finest fertility care in the nation, offering world class treatment with genuine care, warmth and support while keeping up aggregate patient confidentiality. We help couples with troublesome fertility issues, failed IVF, a large portion of whose treatments have been unsuccessful somewhere else. CFC offers advanced care covering ICSI and IMSI. We are focused on giving the best therapeutic services as of now accessible in this field. We make sure your dream of enjoying parenthood comes true here by every means.






Dr. V M Thomas is a Embryology Scientist and ICSI Maestro, Director of the Embryogenesis International School of Embryology and Institute director of Chennai Fertility Center



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