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Reproductive Medicine

Reproductive medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with prevention, diagnosis and management of reproductive problems.

CFC provides treatment and care to couples seeking advice on planning a family. It is a pioneering center offering a dedicated one stop solution for both male and female fertility problems, in a unique homely ambience with minimal patient discomfort, emphasis on optimising pregnancy for each individual. Equipped with a comprehensive anthological laboratory to diagnose male fertility problems, the department performs advance tests for sperm egg interaction for predicting fertility.

Treatments are offered for severe sperm count problem such as poor or absent sperm counts including surgical sperm retrieval and microsurgery. Reproductive Medicine caters to both evaluation of female infertility problems like an ovulation and tubal problems and management of female fertility problems by laparoscopy as well as IVF and ICSI. The other facilities are sperm, embryo freezing, Testicular and ovarian tissue cryopreservation, all of which ensure management of difficult or complex fertility problems, offering the best of solutions for the couple.