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Operation Theatre

At CFC, we have two separate operation theatres for IVF and endoscopic surgery.It is equipped with the latest medical technology, are completely aseptic and dedicated to specific specialties’, to ensure maximum convenience and efficiency to the surgical teams.

State-of-the- art infrastructure

  • CFC‘s OT facilities include
  • Vertically streamlined flow air conditioning
  • Facility to cool the air to a desired temperature
  • Auto-regulation of humidity and pressure
  • Suspension of surgical equipment to facilitate handling while minimizing chances of bacterial accumulation
  • Carefully chosen, high-quality theater lights of uniform focal length
  • Electronically-operated theater beds
  • Sophisticated anesthesia systems, which regulate the supply of gases and monitor the heart-rate and other vital parameter

Laboratory Highlights

  • 24 X 7 Lab Service with well qualified technical staff.
  • Interpretation of results in Clinical context and providing guidance.
  • Short Turnaround Time is very short – less than 36 hrs.
  • Special Investigations to cater to Pediatrics,Endocrinology, Hematology possible with following equipment’s.

The department has well qualified quality team to assure maximum care to our patients.With round the clock laboratory service we are specialized to handle any kind of emergency service. Fully automated biochemistry/hormone analysers, 5 part cell counter, HbA1c are some of our added top end technology. This state-of-the art laboratory technology helpsus to make accurate findings and facilitate early intervention.


A well-equipped modern OT with all necessary equipment as listed below functions round the clock.

  • C-Arm
  • High definition laparoscope and hysteroscope
  • Boyle’s Apparatus
  • Vital Monitors
  • Pulse Oxi-meters
  • ECG Monitors
  • Cautery units
  • Diathermy Unit
  • Hydraulic Operation Tables
  • Suction Apparatus
  • Pipeline Gas System – Liquid Oxygen
  • High Pressure steam sterilizer
  • Shadow less Lamp (Halogen)
  • Phaco Emulsification for Eye
  • Cryo Unit for skin
  • Bair Hugger’s Warmer to smooth care of Neonatal/Pediatric Surgeries
  • In-House Stores for essential surgical stock for all kinds of Stents / Catheters / Sutures etc.
  • Well trained Surgical Paramedics & Theater Assistants
  • Exclusive Anesthesia Assistant for all cases
  • Running 24 X 7