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Oocyte Freezing (Cancer patients) in Chennai fertility center

Oocyte freezing fertility treatment is a procedure for freezing (preserving) women’s eggs. This option suggested for and chosen by people who want to delay their child birth. For any woman with age the quality of germ cells deteriorate, they tend to lose their capacity for fertilization this is an obvious cause for infertility.

Oocyte freezing can prevent infertility due to germ cell aging. Even for aged woman uterus remains healthy and capable of carrying a baby. In this procedure egg from a healthy woman can be procured and thawed, frozen and fertilized. Oocyte freezing is a procedure that is offered only by specialized fertility centers in Chennai.

Oocyte freezing is also helpful for people who undergo IVF for more than once. For couples who have a baby through IVF and choose to have another baby it is only safe that the eggs are frozen.
Oocyte can be frozen for as many number of days as preferred by the patient. Chennai Fertility center has all necessary infrastructure and cutting edge equipments for patients to freeze their Oocyte and conceive as and when they wish to.

At Chennai Fertility Center we have separate packages for oocyte freezing as per patient requirements of time period to freeze the oocyte in appropriate clinical condition. In Chennai the number of oncological and non-oncological patients who are going to receive treatment that is toxic to gonads choose Oocyte freezing as an option to enjoy hassle free parenthood.

In Chennai at CFC we have delivered so many babies born through frozen oocytes. We have all the high-end medical equipment to facilitate 100% risk free oocyte freezing procedure. Many internationally qualified embryologists who are trained in oocyte freezing serve at CFC resulting in tem work that yields joy.

Find chennai’s best oocyte freezing lab and experts in CFC!