Improving Fertility

There are several innate options to boost your scope of falling pregnant.

Through our entire and individualised approach, we take into study any lifestyle and natural aspects that may be affecting your infertility, and work with you to modify these. Various elements implicate folate vs. 5-MTHF, Vitamin D deficiency, weight,  insulin levels, alcohol and smoking.

In general, both women and men can rectify the chance of conceiving over a number of simple lifestyle modifications. These include:

  • Elaborating your diet, eating lower saturated fat and added fiber.
  • Reduce intake of liquor and caffeinated beverages.
  • Give up smoking.
  • Skipping recreational drug use.
  • Confirming with your fertility specialist that any medicaments you are taking will not negatively affect fertility.
  • Not wearing inflexible fitting underwear.
  • Avoid daily usage of hot tubs, sudatory and electric blankets.
  • Avoid environmental chemicals such as lead, pesticides and organic solvents, or wear appropriate protective clothing.

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