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Embryology Lab

The primary focus of this division is to provide clinical service, undertake research and clinical research and training in the area of Clinical Embryology.

At Chennai Fertility Center we have a well-designed embryology lab with advanced equipment’s to excel in achievement of pregnancy. We have top quality. Incubators, Micro manipulation, Microscopes with high resolution optics and other dispensable equipment. We have rigorously evaluated standard operation protocols for all the procedures in the embryology lab.

Our embryology team consists of a chief embryologist, senior embryologist and junior embryologist. All our embryologist are highly trained to perform procedures Such as ICSI, cryopreservation, thawing, assisted hatching etc.Our senior embryologist and chief embryologist perform advanced procedures such as embryos biopsy and laser assisted hatching.We have an excellent cryopreservation program with high embryo retrieval, enabling patients to keep their embryos preserved for future cryoembryo transfer cycles.