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Egg Sharing

Egg sharing is the process where a woman undergoing IVF can donate or decide to share the remaining eggs with another infertile couple. Egg sharing is apurely ethical procedure where the consent of the patient is considered as the first prerequisite.
Egg sharing is done only after the donor is considered fit for the procedure. The egg donor is tested for any genetic disabilities or abnormalities before taking the procedure forward.
The patient agreeing to share their eggs will eventually get a free IVF cycle or a discounted treatment. Both the patients involved will be well informed about the legal terms of the egg sharing procedure.

Egg sharing is a not a prevalent procedure in many hospitals in Chennai. In CFC we have several success stories of patients who used donated eggs to conceive their baby. With ethical rules and regulations we facilitate our egg sharing for our patients. In Chennai CFC is the renowned for its ethical practices in sensitive procedures like surrogacy and egg sharing.
Services offered:
At CFC we offer egg sharing as an option that benefits both the side of the patients. We keep our patients well informed during every step of the procedure. Chennai Fertility center has cutting edge labs and other infrastructure to carefully carry out the procedure.
Our embryologists carry out all the necessary tests prior the process of egg sharing, to ensure the quality of the egg. CFC is known for its high success rates for fertility treatments like ICSI, IMSI, IVF, egg sharing and surrogacy.