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Dharani Kupusamy

Thanks to CFC … for the excellent way you handled our treatment … The compassion you showed in every step and in explaining our chances and helping us make the decision to move forward will forever be remembered … and here is this baby to show for it … against all odds!


Safar Raghad

We came all the way from Gulf hearing about the Success about CFC, and now my wife is conceived and we are expecting our baby soon, thanks to CFC, and especially to Dr Thomas for making it possible for us.


Pramila Udaykumar

We are deeply grateful to you and your entire staff for all you’ve done to make our dream come true. He ( the baby) shall be cherished all the more because of the long journey we took to have him. We will never forget you.

Mkb Nagar - Moolakadai


Hearing a lot about CFC from the internet, we came down to Chennai, we were personally counselled by Dr VM Thomas, he explained all about IVF, and he told us he will take very good care of us, Right from our first day we were emotionally and mentally supported by the entire staff of CFC, from the doctors to the embryologist to the billing administrator. It justfelt like home. Now we have a wonderful baby, thanks to Dr Thomas & his team

a wonderful baby, thanks to Dr Thomas & his team


Nagalatha Vinayakumar

I hail from Nellore, The IVF Procedure I was told by my friends was very frightening, but when I came to CFC, the level of Doctors involvement was really extradinary, I was made to feel very comfortable and the nursing care was very good, and thanks to CFC I now hold this beautiful baby in my arms.